Your most powerful tool as a creative is your portfolio

Your portfolio speaks to what you are capable of producing, and the quality of work clients can expect from you. Clients will decide on whether or not they will hire you based on your portfolio.

People buy from those they like, trust, and believe.

You may not have a problem getting clients to like you, however anything less than a stellar portfolio will keep clients from trusting and believing you can complete the work.

Creating good work is one thing, but knowing what to include and what to leave out of your portfolio is the skill that separates amateur designers from professionals.

In less than a day, you can craft a portfolio to win bigger and better clients. I want to show you how.

The Most Important Lesson
Not Taught in Design School

You spent money and time to cultivate your skills. The average cost of design school is $70,000 for 4 years and 230 hours of learning everything from color theory to typographic layouts, even art history.

Upon graduation, you discover finding clients who are willing to hire a rookie designer are almost impossible to find and if you do find a client they could care less where you went to school.

Clients want to hire designers who have experience, but how will you ever get experience if no one hires you?

There’s a different path you can take and I have found it is not taught in school and it is something I learned from 10 years of working with clients and collaborating with world-renowned creatives.
It’s a proven framework on how to present your work in a professional way and command respect from potential clients.

I call it the Behance Blueprint.


What You Will Receive

Framework Guide

A 45-page guide detailing concepts from branding your portfolio to how to professionally present your work by framing your projects in the proper context.

Portfolio Templates

Whether you're working in Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, or Photoshop, there's a template to jump-start the process of crafting your portfolio.

Curation Checklist

A great compliment to the course. It touches on essential reminders of how to quickly position your portfolio to be curated by the Adobe team.


You are not alone. Join a community of many other designers who have dealt with the exact situations you are facing. Ask questions, swap stories, and get inspired.

Lifetime Access

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course and the bundled content for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

Video Walkthroughs

All the essentials you need to know to create a stunning portfolio. Everything from image curation, storytelling, to positioning.

“I'm not too much of a stats person, but my portfolio views have gone up a bunch since I've been re-creating pieces with this blueprint. This course is perfect!”

- Amy Rusan, Graphic Designer

What You Will Receive

50 Page Guidebook

Portfolio Design Templates

50+ Design Mockup Templates

Video Walkthroughs

50 Page Guidebook

A 50+ page guide that breaks down how to brand your portfolio as well as professionally present your work in the proper context.

Portfolio Templates

Whether you're working in Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, or Photoshop, there's a template to jump-start the process of crafting your portfolio.

50+ Design Mockup Templates

Direct access to over 50 free design mockup templates to display your design work in real world applications, products, advertisements and interactive settings.

Video Walkthroughs

It’s only fitting that in a resource about creating the perfect portfolio, we demonstrate with visually how to craft your portfolio. With just over 25 videos, you’ll be able to follow to the exact pixel. All videos come with written transcriptions and subtitles to ensure you’re aware of the entire process.

Module 1: Mastering Your Mindset
Your thinking has a huge impact on your confidence as a designer and confidence is a skill that can be cultivated based on how well you present. Acquire the mental tools necessary to present with confidence.

Module 2: The Framework
How to practically translate design principles into an adaptable design system that can be applied to any type of design work from photography, videos to graphic design and illustration.

Module 3: Gaining Exposure
How to market your portfolio to the right audience and engage with them in a way that will be the best investment of your time. It’s not enough to build a portfolio you have to ensure the right people see your project.

Ready for clients to instantly recognize your value?


The Course Outline

Together we will craft your portfolio step by step resulting in a project that will communicate your value as a designer, and strategically position yourself as the best option to clients.

Over the course of 27 lessons spanning just under 6 hours of content we'll implement features like:

Top Mistakes on Behance
Learn to avoid and overcome the top 6 mistakes users make on the Behance platform. (8:00)

Act Like a Pro
Position yourself as a professional who is paid a premium rather than a hobbyist or amateur. (8:58)

Contextual Photography
The most critical principle that will help you curate and transform your portfolio. (19:02)

Utilizing Mockups
A collection of resources highlighting the must have mockups for a portfolio, both free and paid. (9:25)

Featured Images
The first image on your portfolio and the key to leading viewers to look through the rest of your project. (17:23)

The Defining Statement
Bring clarity and understanding by letting your portfolio viewers know the overall context. (7:45)

Brand and Logo Marks
A brand is not a logo, it's the feeling users get when they interact with a brand. (19:18)

Colors and Typography
Colors convey meaning, and using the right typography can perfect your portfolio project. (17:33)

Two Shot Layout
The most versatile layout of the blueprint framework for logos, illustrations images, and graphics. (16:55)

Three Shot Layout
Another incredibly versatile layout of the blueprint framework for logos, illustrations images and graphics. (8:19)

Icons visually convey ideas that words cannot concisely communicate. (15:13)

Brand Artifacts
Brand artifacts are symbols that relate to and enhance the brand, but are not the logo. (10:49)

Handling Video
Don’t make the mistake of only posting a video of your film work. Get more views on your work. (18:26)

Displaying Websites
Showing websites on your portfolio is all about the right context and responsiveness. (31:17)

Upload Options
A step-by-step walkthrough of optimizing and uploading your portfolio items on Behance. (11:09)

Uploading a Project
Properly position your portfolio items in a way that highlights your storytelling. (16:59)

Building Community
What goes around comes around. Invest in the Behance community, gain followers and appreciations. (8:01)

Getting Discovered
How to get noticed by the Behance curation team and agencies who are looking to hire talent. (17:13)

Generating Micro-Content
Turn your projects into weeks of social media content and expand your digital footprint. (12:43)

How Clients Evaluate Work
We'll walkthrough how potential clients evaluate talent within a portfolio. (13:00)

The Course Outline

Together in under 6 hours and 27 lessons we will craft your portfolio step by step resulting in a project that will communicate your value and strategically position yourself as the best option to clients.

Your Mindset

Your thinking impacts confidence and gives you the mental fortitude necessary to present your skills effectively.

  • Course Overview (5:02)
  • The Purpose of Behance (5:53)
  • Top Mistakes on Behance (8:00)
  • Act Like a Pro (8:58)
  • Contextual Photography (19:02)
  • Utilizing Mockups (9:25)

The Framework

Practically translate design principles into an adaptable system that can be applied to any type of design work.

  • Featured Images (17:23)
  • The Defining Statement (7:45)
  • Branding: Logos & Marks (19:17)
  • Branding: Colors (20:30)
  • Branding: Typography (17:33)
  • Two Shot Layout (16:55)
  • Three Shot Layout (8:19)
  • Iconography (15:13)
  • Brand Artifacts (10:49)
  • Handling Video (18:26)
  • Displaying Websites (31:17)

Gaining Exposure

Discover how to engage with the right audience and utilize the best use of your time. Ensure the right people see your project.

  • Upload Options (11:09)
  • Uploading a Project (16:59)
  • Choosing a Cover Image (5:54)
  • Project Settings (10:45)
  • Building Community (8:01)
  • Setting Up Your Profile (12:12)
  • Getting Featured on Behance (17:13)
  • Generating Micro Content (12:43)
  • How Client's Evaluate Talent (13:00)

Here’s a Sneak Preview

Please note each video includes a written summary of the lesson, a full transcript, and subtitles so you can follow along with precise accuracy.

My Name is Nathan Allotey and I’m a Designer

Hi, I'm Nathan and I'm a web designer, digital marketing strategist and educator. I currently host Freelance Jumpstart, an award-winning podcast and video series focused on helping designers bridge the gap between creativity and business.

I began freelancing in 2009, and after learning the Adobe Creative Suite, I  founded inPhocus Media, an independent web design studio based in Houston, TX.

With each project I completed, I cultivated my skills in multiple creative specialties. My work spans multiple areas including web design, graphic design, video production, typography, branding, and marketing strategy.

I have a passion for helping creative entrepreneurs avoid common pitfalls, and I give lectures nationally as a way to give back to the creative community.

“Nathan is one of the best teachers online. He delivers things in a clear and straightforward way at a calm pace that is easy to follow.”

- Juan Carlzon, Logo Designer

The Behance Blueprint is for You

Design Students
Give your portfolio a structured makeover and stand out among the rest of your peers. Learn from an experienced designer and get your portfolio agency and client ready.

Bridge the gap between your skills and an agency by learning how to compose stunning portfolio elements to clearly communicate the value of your creative process.

Get credit for your thinking. Show potential clients how your ideas, advice, and strategies translate into results both visually and practically.

Creative Directors
Empower your team with the ability to craft a portfolio that highlights your strengths and positions your work in the proper context for potential clients.

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“Even though I'm an experienced designer, I found the pixel guides and breakdowns to be super helpful. I wish I had this course years ago.”

- Tamara Didenko, UX Designer

The Blueprint

The Behance Blueprint is a design framework that breaks down professional portfolio layouts to the exact pixel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the purpose of this course?

Look at the leading portfolio projects on Behance and then review your portfolio. I want to help you close that gap by teaching you a framework which will demystify the process of creating a portfolio.

Who is this course for?

This course is for designers who have a creative skill but may not know the best way to present their work and communicate their full value. If you are not getting the results you desire, then this course will benefit you.

How does the course work?

I walk you through the essential elements of portfolio and present a framework which includes branding, curation, composition, promotion, positioning and more. It's what I used to transform my portfolio and help other successful creative professionals.

How long does the course take?

When I first began compiling the course, my goal was to be thorough and concise. Most of the lessons are to the point and offer visual examples. With 24 videos the course should take an estimated 6 hours to complete.

How long will I have access?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across all devices you own.

Is a account free?

Yes, once you join Behance, you can create a profile and start uploading your work. If you do have an Adobe Creative Cloud account, you have the bonus of using Adobe Portfolio and other integrated features.


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